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Love the blog, I really enjoy your insights on the varied topics. I would imagine that the service you attended was extremely powerful, but had one question from it in regards to Bishop Miles' message. Comparing Joseph and Mary, from what I have read anyway, to homeless people isn't quite accurate. From what I recall, Joseph and Mary were in Bethlehem for the census. Due to the amount of people, there was no room for them at the inn. Just something that struck me when I was reading....

By the way, the closing statement (As I have heard many many times as well), gives me goosebumps as well. I can only imagine what it must have been like that night.


Hi Jon,

Thanks for your comment. Good to see you around these parts.

"Comparing Joseph and Mary, from what I have read anyway, to homeless people isn't quite accurate."

I guess it's a matter of how one defines "homeless." If someone is without shelter for the night, for whatever reason, they are in a condition of homelessness, IMO.

I think Bishop Miles' point is that homelessness isn't just something that happens to drug addicts or the mentally ill or to people without families. The story of the Holy Family being turned away from the inn illustrates that circumstances can change in an instant, and that everyone is vulnerable to the sort of twist of fate that forced Jesus and his parents into a barn for the night.


Great, thanks for clarifying that for me. I guess I was guilty of the same thing that I was trying to accuse the Bishop of, being selectively interpreting Scripture to fit one's situation.

That had to have been an amazing service, something that unfortunately would not happen here.

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