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I'm glad you have good choices before you! I have actually never attended a meet-the-candidate event in person, and sadly my one experience at a Dean Meetup led me never to attend another one. Perhaps as I start to take in the political landscape in my new state I will get a little more involved.


What was it about the Dean meetup that put you off, Megan?


A very self-important college-age chief volunteer who, when I asked for information about Dean, didn't have anything to hand but wanted to know what I wanted to know. When I said, "For example, I want to know what he's said about energy and environmental policy." Her response was "Oh, I got a B.S. in environmental studies, you can trust me, he's good on that." No further information. Oy.


Ecch, what a bad experience. I suppose that for all of the benefits associated with bottom-up, populist-style campaign like Dean's, one of the downsides is the lack of centralized control over things like volunteer training.

Still, I wouldn't let that discourage you. Talking to the actual candidate is usually more rewarding than chatting with Skippy the volunteer.

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