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I love that this post starts out very much in the "this is what HAPPENED" vein and by the end of it you've seamlessly brought the reader down to the Tallapaloosa with you. It's hot and sticky and perfect.


I mean, "Tallapoosa." I've got Lollapalooza on the mind, apparently. :)


Quev, that's a beautiful post. Thank you for persevering with the writing of it!

About a week from now, I'm going to a memorial service for a singer from my group. Like the one you attended, this will be a service for someone I wasn't close to and didn't know well. But his partner asked for people from the group to come to the memorial and sing, and I think it's an honor to do it. The vocabulary will be different -- we'll pick up stuff like the Randall Thompson Alleluia and the Biebl Ave Maria -- but the intention will be the same as you described.

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